Purchase SAE-approved SGT, SGX and MTW wire to build your own DIY battery cables.

About Wire Our Types

SGT has PVC insulation with an 80c or 105c temperature rating. It meets SAE (Society Automotive Engineers) specifications for battery cable.

SGX has XLP insulation, usually with a 125c temperature rating. It also meets SAE specifications.

All the marine wire we sell meets Coast Guard-approved specifications for being self-extinguishing.

For more information on wire types see our “cable and wire questions” page.

All Prices are per foot. Please change the quantity in the cart to buy multiple feet.

– SGT (-40-105C, SAE approved)
– SGX (-40 -120C, superior abrasion resistance, SAE Approved)
– Fusible Link (a fuse that looks like a wire)
Braided wire (Bulk)
– Braided ground cables

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