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The Custom Battery Cable Difference

Are you looking for a hard-to-find battery cable? And you don’t want to pay a couple hundred for a flimsy replacement battery cable from the dealer? Are you tired of poor-quality auto parts stores battery cables?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that big-block V8 or diesel in your favorite car, truck, boat or RV cranked over a little easier? Do you want the best?

You’ve come to the right place!

At we build the best aftermarket cables available. I started building battery wires for heavy equipment and my own trucks more than 20 years ago.

During that time, I can’t recall ever having to replace a cable due to overheating.


Because I build ’em better by using the best components and better construction techniques.

What kinds of cars can we customize battery wires for?

See how I build them and how they compare to the store-bought cables.

Please take a few minutes to check out our customer’s cars (I’m always looking for new photos, so please keep sending me pictures and what cable(s) you have bought) – then order cables for your own car or truck!

Thank you for considering Custom Battery Cables, LLC.

~ Vince

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~ Vince

Founder and Owner, Customer Battery Cables

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Customer reviews of Our Battery Cables And Accessories

T Riz

Wonderful thick cables you can tell the difference the moment you crank the engine over. Very well made and will last longer than my jeep at this point. Well worth the money for a professional product.

Justin Blomenberg

A model of a customer-focused organization! I’ve worked with them on a couple of occasions now as I’ve updated and replaced some worn-out cables on my Dodge Ram.

Jacob Olness

The team at have gone above and beyond with their awesome customer service. When you offer high-quality handmade products and great customer service there is nothing better.

Read More Reviews on our Customer Reviews and Photos page

Why Our Battery Cables Are Better

Our cables are custom-made to your specified length out
of SAE SGT, SGX or Marine grade cable.

Unlike the big-time car companies that struggle to keep
weights and costs down and resort to cutting corners by
using the smallest battery wire that will do the job, we
never skimp on the materials we use.

We think that using higher quality battery wires helps out, especially in extreme conditions or with an older starter or battery.

We build our cables thicker and heavier
than the cheap stuff used by the factory or local parts
store cables. (We can also make small cables to match
factory stock on request for customers who want accurate

The end of a cut battery wire cable






High Temp



Get Your Custom Built Battery Cables

All of our products are built with care and attention to detail. We use high-quality cast tinned copper battery terminals with anti-corrosion bolts, quality standard lugs, or plated heavy-duty lugs.

This makes a huge difference to your entire electrical system. Cast copper ends have lower resistance and don’t overheat and melt as inferior lead ones can. Even our standard ends are more robust than what you’ll find at your neighborhood auto parts store.

I have tried different suppliers for our terminals, and have landed on ones that are better made and look better than what you can find elsewhere.

We’ve created a custom cable visualizer so you can see what your cable looks like as you build it.

Battery Cable insulation cutter.

Educational Resource

Dual Battery Isolator Schematic

After answering numerous questions about different battery isolator schemes, I decided it would be easier to just build a webpage that shows a dual battery isolator schematic. Below you will…

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