2/0 Cables for Solar Battery Banks & RVs

Do you need Solar Battery Cables or RV battery banks?

Solar Battery Cables or RV battery banks

We don’t just build battery cables for cars and trucks.

We build them for solar power systems and RV battery banks too!

Solar (MTW) Interconnect cables

Cables are built from UL listed MTW and include standard ring terminals with 5/16 inch hole for “golf-cart style batteries) or standard automotive top post terminals and adhesive-lined heat shrink.

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Notes from the owner:

“We have had a number of requests from customers for solar power and RV house battery banks.
Solar power battery banks typically require using UL listed MTW (machine tool wire) that meets most building codes.R house battery banks can be made out of more affordable automotive battery cable.

Online orders – our standard cables

You can order cables for specific applications and 2/0 battery cables in standard lengths online. These online order prices reflect a 10% discount from “Custom Order” prices, however, they do not include shipping charges.”

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