Rush Orders

Rush Orders and what to expect.

We usually take 1-3 business days to fill an order.  For some customers that is too long so I decided to offer a “rush order service”.

I think our lead time is very reasonable for a small business that deals in custom orders.  We don’t get our stuff made in China, shove it in a box then send it out.  Our orders are custom built.  We have some nice tools but it’s pretty much done by hand.  When things are slow, which we almost never are, we build a few sets of our more popular cables but that reserve gets used up fast when we get busy.

I wish I could treat every order as a rush order but I simply can’t.  Rush orders can cost me more to build… if I don’t have a part on hand I need to have it expedited, driving up costs.

Some customers really do need cables quicker than our normal delivery time.  I understand that.  I’ve heard a lot of good reasons: cables needed for snow plows in bad weather, fire trucks during the summer fire season, show cars that will be in a show in a week, and missionaries getting on a plane for the Peruvian Amazon (these guys Believe me, I think those are excellent reasons.

So how do I sort out which customers really NEED cables in a hurry and which just WANT them?  I can’t strap you into a lie detector so the next best thing I can think of is money. I’ll let the free market be the solution.

Rush service is typically an extra $40 on all sets including large cable sets (like the Ford and Dodge sets).  If you want to place a rush order but the page with the cable set does not offer it as an option use the add-to-cart during the check-out process.

Increasingly impatient phone calls or emails will NOT get you moved to the front of the line.  It might get you a refund so you can purchase cables elsewhere.

Bottom line.  Patience is a virtue and if you really need cables in a hurry, expect to pay a little more.

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