Jeep “Y” Cable

Jeep “Y” negative battery cable modification.

I don’t know why Jeep used that cable but apparently, it’s a hard cable to find.

Below is what I did on my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it seems to be working great.  In fact, I think the volt meter went up slightly when I hooked up the new ground cable.

Note: This is what I did on my own personal Jeep.  It is provided for information only.  Custom Battery Cables does not guarantee it will work for you. Perform this modification at your own risk.

Step 1: Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

Step 2: Disconnect the other end of the negative cable from the stud on the engine block.

Step 3: Using a box cutter, carefully cut the tape the corrugate loom and cables together.

Step 4: Locate the “Y” in the negative cable and cut the wire going to the alternator as close as possible to the ‘Y”.

Step 5: Put the piece of black heat shrink provided on the wire coming from the alternator (the one you just cut). Strip the wire and crimp a heavy duty #8 gauge 5/16 lug to the end of the wire coming from the alternator (a 10 gauge crimper works fine).  Apply heat to the heat shrink to seal the connection. Use a heat gun.  DO NOT USE OPEN FLAME!

Step 6: Place the ring end of the new battery cable on the engine ground stud, then install the alternator ground wire with the new end from step 5, and replace the nut.

 97 jeep gc Notes:


The chassis ground on our cables is a few inches longer that stock for ease of installation.

The cable is a little long at 30 inches, however, that is what the factory cable was.

Don’t see the cable you want here?  Custom Battery Cables will be happy to build a cable to your specifications.  Go to the “Custom Order” page for more information.

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