Installing Battery Terminal Covers – some Tips and Tricks

We get asked quite often about this, so we decided to give you some Tips and Tricks, along with some photos to show you what we mean!

The most important thing remember is BE CAREFUL! 

  • The covers can be a little tricky to install
  • Just remember to BE PATIENT
  • Don’t get in a hurry or try to force it.
  • Don’t use too much force, or it will tear

Method 1 — this is the easier of the two ways to do it

 If the cable is not installed, start at the opposite end from the battery terminal.


Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm the cover (it makes them more flexible) then simply slide the cover on from the lug end.

Don’t get it too hot or it will melt or burn.

Using a little soap and water to lubricate the cable will help slide the cover into place.

Add more heat and/or soap as needed.

Method 2 — This method is more difficult. First step is to remove the terminal bolt.

 1) Heat the round, cable- end of the cover with a heat gun until it becomes warm to the touch and is flexible.

Don’t heat it too much or it will melt.
Battery Terminal 1 50

 2) Stretch the cable end of the cover over the bolt end of the battery terminal.


Battery Terminal 2


 3) Pulling the cover inside out, pull the cover over the terminal.


Battery Terminal 3


4) Continue until the cover is “inside out” and past the heat shrink.

Battery Terminal 4
 5) Now roll it the other way, until it’s “right side out” and slide it over the terminal. Again, add more heat or soap as needed as you work the cover on.


Battery Terminal 5

Be careful with the amount of heat that you use on these items. I’ve melted or burned several learning how to do this.If all else fails, put the cover over a pair of pliers and stretch it a little before attempting to put it on the cable.

Be very careful with the heat gun. Don’t burn yourself or others. Don’t use the heat gun around flammables. Don’t set the heat gun down on anything that will burn or melt.


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