Dodge Ram Diesel Splicing Instructions

The right side negative cable for the 1998-2002 (Gen2.5) Dodge Ram Diesel is not an exact bolt in replacement.  They require that you splice into the existing wiring to correctly install.

The right side factory negative cable has a small wire that goes to a couple of gray connectors.  I have been unable to source those connectors.  You will need to cut the wires going to these connectors and splice them to the new wires.

Our cable kit is shipped with the wires and splices so you can make the connection.  A standard hand-tool wire crimper should work fine on the 8 gauge wire we send.

Here is a schematic view of the cable:

DodgeLeftDriverSideBatteryGen2 5 1

For reference, here is a picture of the actual Dodge Ram battery cable:

dodge factory negative right side pic sm

Here is a detail of the connector on the Dodge Ram battery cable:

dodge connector detail 2

Here is what it looks like with connections to new wire completed.

15replacement s
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