Braided Ground Cables

Hopefully, you’ve found this page because you are looking for braided battery cablesfor your battery.

A few customers have asked me for flat braided ground cables that more closely match the stock cables for restoration projects.

We lack the proper tooling to manufacture the flat braided cables, so I checked around and found that one of my terminal suppliers also manufactures braided cables.

We offer them here for our customers attempting to closely match stock cables on vintage cars.

If you want round braided cables we can manufacture those in custom lengths. Email us for more info.

The cables below are mass-produced by a major battery manufacturer and feature cast lead “universal” battery posts. We do not manufacture these cables.

California Prop 65 Warning: Contains Lead

Cable Wire Pre Made Braided Ground Strap 50

Braided Battery Cables and Ground Straps:

  • Cast lead universal top post terminal on one end and 3/8 ring terminal on the other end, with tin plated copper braid.
  • Available in 4 gauge or 2 gauge.

4 Gauge Braided Bonding Straps:

BondingStrap single 50

Braided bonding straps:

  • 3/8 ring terminal on each end, with tin plated copper braid.
  • Available in 4 Gauge only
  • Great for grounding engine to frame or body
  • Don’t count on the choke cable or u-joints to ground the engine, use a bond strap
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