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Below are some links that I've found useful, some that are fun and a few that I think are just plain important for us to know:

Custom Battery Cables on eBay:
Occasionally, someone exchanges a cable that was ordered wrong.  Sometimes, I build battery cables out of leftover pieces.  I put this stuff on eBay.    See what I have  for sale now.  Here's custom battery cables ebay feedback

Some useful links:
If you own a SSR you owe it to yourself to check out Simple Engineering.  We're working with Mike there to to build components for their SSR spare tire kit.
MI Hummer - Your online resource for Hummer!
Colorado K5 offers trick and tips for off-roading and K5 blazers.
See the review of the Chevy Blazer cables we did for the Colorado K5.
Just how big is that 2/0 cable?  Check out my new wire gauge chart.
Optima sealed batteries are great for off road; no acid to slosh around.
Warn winch, hub, lights and axle kits are another thing you'll see off road.
Dennis Kirk sells discount motorcycle parts.
Gary Olen's Sportsman's Guide  sells discount camping gear.
Go to Gov Liquidation to buy that military surplus jet engine you always wanted ;-).
The Auto Trader online.

Some fun links:
Honda Ad that didn't make it to the US.
Arizona Military Vehicle Collectors club web site.
Art Cars - What were they thinking?
The White Dwarf.  A pedal powered, one man blimp.

Some inspirational links:
Lance Armstrong overcame cancer to do great things in the sports world and start a cancer support foundation.

They were normal Americans who were called on to fight to save the lives of their fellow citizens.  In the very best tradition of the American citizen soldier they rose to the challenge. The heroes of our generation's Alamo.  United Flight 93 was the first battle in the War on Terror.   God Bless them and their families. 

A National Guardsman working in Iraq has start a "Toys for Tots" like charity for Iraqi children.  Bullets will win the war but stuff like this will win the peace.  Read the Fox News article. Visit the Chief's blog site and donate to

Do you have a link that you think others would enjoy?  Want me to add a link to your site or business?  I'll be happy to swap links with reputable automotive businesses. Please note: if your web site sells junk, I'm not interested.


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