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Why an advice, tips and tricks page?  Simple, we all need some advice sometimes.  I want add as much here as possible about anything to do with automotive electrical and solar power, RV house batteries and any other electrical systems that seem appropriate.  I encourage and will gladly accept submissions from customers and will include name, email or web link if requested.  No copyrighted material unless you are the owner of the copyright and include a letter stating that custom battery cables has the right to use it.  so if you have some automotive advice, tip or trick that you want to put on the web you can send it to me in word or html format... As I write or receive more I'll create links to the articles...
These pages are for information only.  seek  help from a professional if you are not qualified to due the work listed below.  In case of accident or injury seek immediate medical attention.

Advice on Battery safety and installation

Tip and Tricks for installing battery terminal covers.

Custom Battery Cables

Tips and Tricks for installing Battery Terminal Covers The most important thing to remember is BE CAREFUL. The covers can be a little tricky to install. Just be patient. Don�t get in a hurry or try to force it. Don't use too much force or the plastic cover will tear.

Method 1 -- This is the easiest way if the cable does not have a large aux wire.  If the cable is not installed, start at the opposite end from the battery terminal.   Simply slide the cover on from the lug end. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the cover (it makes them more flexible) if necessary.  You can also try putting some soap and water on the cable to lubricate it.  Add more heat and/or soap as needed.   Slide the cover up the cable until it is in the correct position

Method 2 -- This method is more difficult than #1 but the only way for cables with large aux wires or flag terminals in the middle of the cable.  Remove the terminal bolt. Heat the round, cable-end of the terminal cover with a heat gun until it becomes flexible.  Don�t heat it too much or it will melt.  Stretch it over the bolt end of the battery terminal.  Roll the cover over the terminal.  Continue rolling until the cover is �inside out� and past the heat shrink.  Now roll it the other way, until it�s �right-side-out� and slide it over the terminal.   Again, add more heat or soap as needed as you work the cover on.  This should enable you to completely cover the terminal end.

Some times I put the cover over a pair of pliers and stretch it a little before attempting to put it on the cable. Be careful with the amount of heat that you use on these items. I�ve melted/burned a few in my day.

Be very careful with the heat gun. Don�t burn yourself or others.  Don�t use the heat gun around flammables.  Don�t set the heat gun down on anything that will burn.  BE CAREFUL. DON"T GET HURT OR BURN ANYTHING.

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